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Origin Story

So what if the bat that flew into Bruce’s window wasn’t just any ordinary bat? Well, then maybe we might have a whole different type of super hero/creature of the night man. I kept arguing...

Meowfield 0

It’s Meowfield!

So I whenever I’m working, I like to leave the TV on to as weird as it sounds, help me concentrate more. I can’t work in a room that’s too quiet. While doing so, some 3D Garfield...

Son, Just Dont 0

Captain Hydra

So this last week has been quite the issue with some marvel fans over Captain America being a Hydra agent. Heck, even Captain America himself was like WTF?

Choose your Starter... 0

Choose your Starter…

Because this is what I saw everytime i saw the new starters for Sun and Moon. Follow us on facebook @FortuneCakeOnline

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Penguin Chase

The thing is, I am pretty sure the flying penguin dream was inspired by Watching Mary Poppins 2 times in a row. Don’t judge me, It’s a fun movie.

The Empire 0

The Empire

So let’s be honest, Disney won’t stop til they own everything. Disney World isn’t just a theme park, it’s their endgame.